Recycling PET

Our modern technologies are economically friendly. Our company performs the recycling of PET bottles. We specialise in the purchase of PET material and its recycling. Our experience dating back to 1998 allows us to produce, among others, PET flakes.

Thanks to our activity of obtaining and purchasing PET material, 800 tons of bottles are removed from our natural environment monthly. We collect all the used bottles by our own transport. PET recycling that we conduct encompasses whole Poland. We cooperate with communal enterprises as well as private companies. By the production of PET flakes, not only do we care for our natural environment, but also we supply necessary products that can be further used in many branches.


Before handing to our company, PET waste for recycling has to be properly prepared. We kindly request the bottles to be pressed in order to reduce their volume and sorted according to their colour. These bottles later undergo the process of recycling in our PET Recycling Department. Due to these requiremenets, the production of PET flakes is quick and efficient.