Thermo-chemical treatment and production of spare parts

Production of spare parts, metalworking technologies (incl. thermo-chemical treatment), improving their mechanical properties (incl. ion nitriding)

Thanks to our extensive experience and skills in the field of advanced metalworking, we make spare parts and machine parts based on elements provided by the customer or technical documentation. Depending on the needs of our contractors, LERG PET technologists can develop technical and drawing documentation of the parts. We also provide welding services, thermo-chemical treatment and we do other work in the field of machine building and steel structures.

Machining, thermo-chemical treatment and other methods of metalworking

Our metalworking services include:

  • machining (on universal / numerically controlled / carousel lathes, boring machines, universal / numerically controlled / envelope milling machines, shaft / plane / carousel grinders),
  • welding and regeneration works (sheet metal cutting – plasma / gas cutting, surfacing of shafts / holes),
  • heat treatment and thermo-chemical treatment (heat treatment furnaces, ion nitriding), dynamic balancing.

The employed team of specialists has extensive experience, thanks to which shot blasting of structures, welding works, sheet metal cutting, both gas and plasma, as well as machining, heat treatment, steel nitriding, thermo-chemical treatment etc. meet the high requirements of all our contractors. We encourage you to take advantage of our professional metalworking services.

We look forward to working with you!

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