Electrical Department

We provide the following services:

Technical consulting (technical analysis of investments, offers and help in choosing the best concept)

Design (complete MV and LV electrical installations, I&C systems and apparatus, computer control systems, cost estimation of works)

Production (assembly of switchgears and power cabinets, assembly of control cabinets)

Installation, start-up and repair of installations and devices:

  • indoor and outdoor transformer stations
  • MV and LV switchgears
  • retrofits of MV and LV devices and apparatuses
  • ATS and SCO automation systems
  • electrical machines and devices
  • reactive power compensation devices and systems
  • uninterruptible voltage systems (including – battery banks)
  • high-current cables and busbars
  • MV and LV cable lines
  • power and lighting installations
  • lightning protection, fire protection and protection installations
  • outdoor lighting, roads and facilities
  • industrial control and automation installations
  • installation of lifting devices subordinate to UDT
  • computer control and visualization systems
  • energy systems and meters (electricity, heat, compressed air, water)
  • computer and telecommunications networks
  • repair and testing of pneumatic automation devices (control valves, actuators, regulators, converters, signaling devices, solenoid valves)
  • repair and testing of electronic and power electronic devices (meters, converters, regulators, recorders, frequency converters

We perform tests and measurements

  • HV and MV transformer stations
  • MV switching stations (signaling, control and interlock circuits
  • analog and digital protection equipment with full current tests)
  • LV switching station
  • lightning protection and grounding installations
  • electric shock protection installations
  • lighting
  • full MV cable tests (including voltage test)
  • locating of MV and LV cable faults
  • recording of disturbances and harmonics
  • thermovision tests
  • testing of control and measurement equipment in the facility and in the laboratory
  • technical metrology – calibrations, checks and preparation for legalization and authentication (scales, manometers, thermometers, flow meters, instruments for measuring electrical and physicochemical values)

We look forward to working with you!

Mariusz Krzywdziński
tel. 56/ 656 26 25 
mob. 692 442 887